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    goals and assists by player, nhl 2014-2015 regular season

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    NHL Futures – Implied Probabilities – October 2014

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    Here are the implied probabilities from NHL futures from the following sources:

    Probabilities have already been adjusted for the vig (which is approx 30% for NHL futures).

    Color implies disagreements between bookies.

    Learn About Tableau


    Four Not-Entirely-Ignoble Truths

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    a quick message to my 1994 self (assuming the necessary Delorean & Flux Capacitor combination):

    1. you are in for a wild ride. there will be profoundly awesome experiences as well as shocks and ordeals along the way. in time (by 2014 that is) most of the events that have caused pain will have paid great dividends in teaching you about what it really means to be Alive. for the few unresolved events, let’s hope our future 2034 self  has a more answers, but don’t hold your breath.

    2. you are extraordinarily lucky to be surrounded and supported by the never-cease-to-amaze-family and high-caliber friends that exist within your life. this is not as common in the world as it may seem to you now. also consider yourself blessed by the group of people you will meet over the entire decade of your 20s working on an inpatient psych ward: this group of people will outnumber the people you’ve met so far in your first ten years by at least 4 to 1 and will teach you an immeasurable amount about what really is important day in and day out.

    3. don’t use your left thumb so much playing guitar; I have (or we have?) been told this is poor form. actually no. strike that. this may incur some type of butterfly effect thing so .. jfp.

    4. jfp: the other definition. sit under more trees (with books), but remember that gym really is the most important class you will ever take.

    and hey kid, here’s $20. go put it on the Rangers to win the cup this year.

    Peaceful Springtime and Happy Easter / Pesach / Páska / Ostern / Pâques / イースター / 420 / zjd / etc. to All


    Super Bowl Box Probability Excel

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    Here’s a spreadsheet that will estimate your probability of winning your Super Bowl Pool .  It’s super simple to use:



    You’ll need to input

    • Your box numbers – left hand side in the melon-shaded cells
    • Box Price – how much you paid per 1 box
    • Payouts by quarter


    Historical data:

    End of quarter and end of game stores for the 47 Super Bowls are used to calculate these probabilities.

    If you want to get fancy, you can adjust the assumptions we make.  There is a box under “Advanced Parameters” for this.  You must enter a number from 0 to 1 in this box: 0 completely ignores the difference between Home vs Away scores while 1 fully considers the difference between the two when calculating probabilities.  For example, if you set your green box to 1, the probability for the (3,2) box will always equal to the probability for the (2,3) box.



    Please send me an email if anything seems whacky here.

    Thanks, and enjoy!!




    the top songs of 2013 (and 2012 . . . and a bit of 2011 while we’re at it)

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    To qualify to for year-end “hot jam” status, the track must have not appeared any earlier electricvishnu.com lists.    Rank is determined using the data from personal play counts from Spotify, iPod, Grooveshark, etc.












    Release Year

    1 Joy Formidable A Heavy Abacus 2011
    2 CHVRCHES The Mother We Share 2012
    3 Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel 2013
    4 smallpools Dreaming 2013
    5 Miley Cyrus We Can’t Stop 2013
    6 Atlas Genius Trojans 2012
    7 AWOLNATION Kill Your Heros 2011
    8 Okkervil River Lost Coastlines 2008
    9 No Torso Fight the Blue Horizon 2005
    10 Green Day X-Kid 2012
    11 RDM Bohemian Rhapsody 2009
    12 Matt Pryor Freakish 2010
    13 John Hiatt Master of Disaster 2005
    14 Bruce Springsteen Land of Hopes and Dreams 2012
    15 Bruce Springsteen No Surrender (Live) 1986
    16 The Starting Line Island 2007
    17 Avril Levigne What the Hell 2011
    18 Discovery Osaka Loop Line 2009
    19 Everclear I Will Follow You into the Dark 2011
    20 The Soldier Thread Anybody 2011
    21 M83 Raconte-Moi une Histoire 2011
    22 Say Anything Alive With the Glory of Love 2004
    23 SOJA You and Me 2009
    24 Saves the Day Ring Pop 2013
    25 M83 We Own the Sky 2008


    throwaway saga

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    doppelgangers of the north are rockin’ out.
    Brennivin and RBV destroying doubt.
    men of science, explorer chicks, we’re quite a crew.
    it’s Indy day in RVK . . .

    I’ve found from where the summer wind blows
    I found the source

    the firmament’s this cement blue,
    but in here spotlights shine on you:
    record scratches, and there’s lightning

    be this night sacred or be it blurred,
    ill-defined by rhyming words -
    soaring melodies so fleeting

    the midnight sun kisses your face -
    i follow suit
    eyes and fingertips connect -
    i dance with you
    from what blue sky did you fall
    it’s all so fast
    magic moments can never . . .

    with each breath we draw the sweet night
    a conversation from forty-two lives past
    journey, whitesnake, and john denver
    know this adieu too well

    the firmament’s this cement blue,
    but faktory lights, they shine on you.
    freeze frame strobe sequence that i
    cannot forget

    call it myth, or call it not;
    call it everything you got:
    smoke dissipating from a french cigarette

    the firmament’s this cement blue,
    but out there spotlights shine on you:
    vinyl scratches and there’s lightning

    was this night nothing? was it blurred?
    first light affliction so absurd.
    undress so elegant and frantic

    when all my friends are dead and gone
    (rocking chairs and children grown)
    a secret smile born of that summer

    when firmaments were cement blue
    everywhere spotlights shine on you
    into the sea i throw this letter


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    strangers wasted – hey reema [remix] by electricvishnu


    caffeine consumption by weekday

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    the first leaves not-green
    spotted on an early walk:
    unexpected gifts.


    in honor of 95 years of the national parks

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