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    okay, maybe one more

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    this one via digital urban

    RenkeBot Lives- part2! from Matt Moses on Vimeo.

    i am such a sucker for tiltshift

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    via urbantick

    Small Streetlife from Christoph Schaarschmidt on Vimeo.


    time travel in tv and film [via information is beautiful]

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    Time Travel In TV and Film (Process) | Information Is Beautiful

    i wonder if wormholes fall into the category of ‘mystery force’?


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    for the geekers:

    apparently the 12 days of christmas cost just over $20k

    [Chart Porn] – “A collection of interesting charts, tables, maps, and interactive data toys — with a focus on economics and graphic design. Enormous thanks to the bloggers who help find all this stuff, and the wonderful researchers, analysts, and graphic artists who create them.”

    where are all the people?

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    someone once noted, quite a few years back, that most of the photographs that i had taken did not contain any people within the frame. 

    i just happened upon this link [via UrbanTick]:


    it’s pictures of l.a., landscapes and such, mostly from early in the morning, that are (as the name of the site goes) empty of people.

    kudos to matt logue, the photographer


    is it skynet yet? [volume 2.1]

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    [Digital Urban: Dynamic 3D Models in Google Earth: Traffic and Pedestrian Visualisation]

    digital urban might be the niftiest page ever


    tilt-shift photography never ceases to blow my mind

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    Scenes from a rooftop from Paul Johannessen on Vimeo.


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    random numbers and why the iranian election most likely was bogus . . .


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    The Cynical-C Blog: [http://www.cynical-c.com/?cat=85]
    everyone loves a shit-talker?


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    Is massively collaborative mathematics possible?” – gowers weblog

    f-ing awesome time lapse video